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Dog Park Jamboree
June 20, 2017 to July 27, 2017

Our show takes place at an off leash park on the evening of the summer solstice, when the star Sirius shines most brightly. Sirius is the patron and saint of dogs, so they gather in the park for a celebration. Each dog performs in honour of the occasion and the most popular routine earns the winner 'best of show!'. The contest is presided over by Gary Springer Spanieal, a down on his luck TV dog star, who is reduced to opening pet food stores and judging canine talent contests. With a large cast and a band, it's a standard bred, tail waigging, big time play date, that will leave you with something to tell your fur babies when you get home! A Dog Park Jamboree is a must see musical for folks who love their dogs! -- Book and lyrics by David Fanstone, Music by Birds of Bellwoods book now.

Barefoot In The Park
July 5, 2017 to July 20, 2017

Neil Simon at his Best! A newly-minted lawyer and his free-spirited bride move into their tiny, top-floor apartment and, together with an interfering mother and an eccentric next door neighbour, hilariously confront the challenges of love and marriage. book now.

Bedtime Stories
July 26, 2017 to August 10, 2017

You'll be invited into six different bedrooms, where you'll enjoy fifteen different characters and their hilarious & thought-provoking stories. And they're all cleverly connected in one of Norm Foster's classic comedies! book now.

The Night The Lights Went Out On Broadway
August 1, 2017 to August 24, 2017

The night Ethel Merman died, all the theatre producers turned their marquee lights off for an hour before their evening shows in tribute to the lady who, for so many years, was Broadway. But you don't think a little set-back like death would stop Ethel Merman do you? From the time she passes to the time when the lights come back on. Ethel Merman, assisted by her nurse and the attending physician tells the remarkable story of this Broadway superstar, her climb to fame and how she won the title of the greatest of Broadway's great broads. By the end, everything is coming up roses and so will you be, coming out of your seat to applaud this tour de force. -- Book by Norbert David, Music by a Who's Who of Broadway book now.

Weekend Comedy
August 16, 2017 to August 31, 2017

When an older couple and a newly married couple mistakenly rent the same cottage for the weekend, the generation gap kicks in & the gloves come off in this hysterical vacation gone wrong! book now.